SIXBAU Polystyrene concrete:

Our construction technology is based on lightweight concrete with special polystyrene admixture, from which we manufacture and sell various products, gPanel building boards, gWall partitions and gBlock masonry elements due to its many advantageous properties.

Polystyrene concrete is a material with very good thermal insulation, durable, light, very good vapor permeability, easy to form building material, so it is an excellent raw material for masonry and other construction products.

Lightweight polystyrene admixture was developed in the 1950s by the German company BASF, from where it quickly spread worldwide. Polystyrene concrete has many advantageous properties, but despite being known almost everywhere in the construction industry, its potential is far from being exploited. It is preferred in many countries for the construction of high-rise buildings, for the walls of steel-framed hotels, office buildings, farm buildings and many single-family homes due to its reliability, excellent heat and moisture properties, durability, good formability, fire resistance and other good properties.

In Hungary, lightweight concrete is mostly known and marketed in sacks, ie in bulk form, as a concrete admixture based on polystyrene, for the production of lightweight concretes of varying body density, for filling, as a post-thermal insulation of attics, etc. However, in addition to the most typical application, there are many other applications, so our company also produces finished products, ie masonry elements, prefabricated partitions and thermal insulation panels from polystyrene lightweight concrete, which are described in more detail under the PRODUCTS menu.