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SIXBAU gWall partitions are available in 10, 12 and 15 cm thickness and are lightweight concrete wall elements manufactured in lengths of 3.00 meters, from which solid and solid partitions or even smaller outbuildings can be made quickly and easily. Due to their low weight, SIXBAU gWall partitions do not require a special primer and in most cases the use of jumpers is not necessary for door openings. SIXBAU gWall partitions can be plastered, plastered or tiled directly with tiles and other ceramic tiles or other wall coverings. In all cases, our partition elements are made with groove-edge design for greater strength and increased durability.

Fire protection class: Non - combustible A2 - s1, d0

NMÉ: A-152/2014


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For the construction of non-load-bearing partitions, for renovations, for the construction of attic wall structures, in combination with a frame structure for the construction of garages and outbuildings.

Name SIXBAU gWall N+F 100mm SIXBAU gWall N+F 120mm SIXBAU gWall N+F 150mm
Disk size mm 3000 x 580 x 100 3000 x 580 x 120 3002 x 580 x 150
Material requirement 0,57 db/m2 0,57 db/m2 0,57db/m2
Density 300 kg/m3 300 kg/m3 300 kg/m3
Mass 52,2 kg / db 62,64 kg/db 78,3 kg/db
Compressive strength 0,4 N/mm2 0,4 N/mm2 0,4 N/mm2
Heat transfer coefficient 0,069 W/mK 0,069 W/mK 0,069 W/mK
Fire resistance and limit value A2 - s1 d0 - EI 60 A2 - s1 d0 - EI 60 A2 - s1 d0 - EI 60
Packaging 12 db/raklap 10 db/raklap 8 db/raklap
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