SIXBAU Mix and Remix

lightweight concrete

SIXBAU MIX and REMIX are lightweight concrete raw materials that can be produced on site with a concrete mixer or trowel machine, from which high-quality lightweight concrete of various body densities can be produced

SIXBAU Mix is a mixture of original EPS beads and recycled EPS and cement, to which special additives are added for easy processing.

SIXBAU Remix is made from recycled lightweight concrete and recycled EPS using cement and special additives.

Advantageous properties of SIXBAU lightweight concretes include long service life, strength combined with good thermal insulation properties, and the material's outstanding moisture properties, which are close to the clay, so it can be combined very well with wood and other building materials without the risk of condensation. In addition, lightweight concrete is a non-combustible material with low water absorption and is therefore not frost-sensitive and insensitive to pipe breakage and soaking.

Areas of application

  • Filling lightweight slabs
  • Thermal insulation of attics and closing slabs
  • Thermal insulation of impassable flat roofs
  • Leveling layer for roof renovations
  • Thermal insulation of terraces
  • Thermal insulation bases and side walls of swimming pools
  • Filling sockets with thermal insulation
  • Making settlements

Mix and Remix

lightweight concrete
1 / 4
2 / 4
3 / 4
4 / 4

Thermal insulation for subfloor concrete, floor constructions, attic ceilings, levelings and fillings, as well as for thermal insulation and slope formation of flat roofs.

Density 270 - 330 kg/m3 270 - 330 kg/m3
Compressive strength 0,22- 0,41 N/mm2 0,22 - 0,41 N/mm3
Thermal conductivity 0,068 0,07
Vapor diffusion resistance (μ) 8 - 10 5 - 9
Capillary water uptake (g/(m2xs)) 2,6 1,8
Fire resistance class A2 - s1 d0 A2 - s1 d0
Material requirement (sack/m3) 4 pc 5 pc REMIX + 2pc MIX
Quantity 250 litre/sack 100 litre/sack
SIXBAU MIX AD Lightweight concrete additive In 10; 20; 30; 60 litre sacks
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